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AAA* An Important Italian marble by Luigi Marchesi

AAA* An Important Italian marble by Luigi Marchesi

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An Italian marble by Luigi Marchesi

Luigi Marchesi was an Italian neoclassical Sculptor born in Saltrio near Milan on the 16th April 1799.

During his forty years of activity, he realized for the Cathedral of Milan over thirty statues including those of saints Mario, Martha, Audiface and Abaco, Calimero ,St. Patrick and St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Luigi Marchesi : Main Sculptural Achievements:

 Jesus deposited on the shroud (1823-1826) (clay), the chapel Sacred Mount of Varallo .

 Consented Dei (1836-1838) statues Palace of Count Paolo De Tarshish, Milan .

 The Carità sul fastigio and the Fondazione dello Stabilimento, facade and interior of the Fatebenefratelli Hospital, Milan.

 Bust of the noblewoman Felicia Giovio Perpenti, Villa Olmo, Como

 Busts of his parents ( 1838 ), the family chapel in Saltrio

 The Milan Foundation (relief), Caselli Daziari, Porta Venezia, Milan.

 Bust of the Countess Laura Visconti Ciceri ( 1839 )

 Monument to the Countess Laura Visconti Ciceri, inaugurated 18 April 1848 During the Five Days of Milan .

 Bas-relief stucco of the founding of the Fatebenefratelli hospital, consisting of thirteen pictures displayed on the pediment of the building.

 Atlanteans and architectureaux contours of the Palace Hotel, Lugano

 Angels , altar, church Santa Cristina, Affori

 Jesus Christ and two angels (according Giacomo Tazzini ), apse , church Santa Maria Podone, Milan

 Monument to the physicist Francesco Valcamonica , hospital, Vimercate

 Virgin of the parish church of Saints Gervais and Protais ,

 Virgin of the belt (Cintola), Church of Saints Peter and Paul di Castellanza Biumo Inferiore, Varese .

Luigi Marchesi died in Saltrio, on the 28th December 1874 at the age of 75 Years.


Measures: Base 51cm-28cm-4.5cm , max height is 64cm.

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